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Our Vision

Transforming healthcare through innovation, capacity building, community networks and digital health solutions.

Our Offerings

We are at the cusp of a major technology revolution. One major challenge is, the training of clinicians, para-medics and the support staff in digital health.

Fellowship-based proprietary leadership program

Professional Membership©

All the stakeholders associated with healthcare can register as Professional members to excel to the next levels of the membership.

Professional Plus Membership

All the stakeholders (grassroot level workers to industry experts) associated with healthcare can register as Professional Plus Members to excel to the next levels of the membership. The registrations are by invitation/referral.

Student Health Fellow©

All The Health Parliament™ selects Student Health Fellows. The Student Health Fellows are mentored by Health Parliament Fellows and get an opportunity to work on policy and other strategic issues.

Health Parliament Fellow©

The Health Parliament Fellows are mid-career professionals who will work directly under change makers to address key sectoral issues, and also get mentored by change makers. They will also mentor Student Health Fellows

Change Maker©

Our internal research team will select leaders across the private and public sectors, in their respective domains and from across regions. Change Makers ideate and lead the work on drafting knowledge papers and discussion forums on key policy and strategic issues.

Leadership Council©

This is the highest level in the Think Tank. The Leadership Council members are selected based on their exceptional contribution to healthcare. Leadership Council ideates and leads the thought leadership with regard to policies and strategies at the provincial, regional, national and global levels.

Certified Digital Health Professional™ (CDHP)

The Certified Digital Health Professional™ course has three levels- Basic, Advanced & Professional. We have taken a unique route as we believe that the industry is much ahead of academia, and that’s the gap we need to fill. So, at Digital Health Academy™, we are partnering with the leading tech companies to provide people with application-oriented learning with regard to the latest products & solutions, and their deployment in day to day practice. The faculty of CDHP are the industry leaders and practitioners of digital health. So our approach and methodology are not about just giving people theoretical knowledge but the applications of these digital tools through this course. This sets CDHP as a unique course across the world, and probably the first of its kind. After doing this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of digital tools and how to deploy them in day to day practice and gain a competitive advantage

Global Digital Health Summit

This is an annual forum for Knowledge Sharing, Networking and Ideating Solutions for fast-tracking the adoption of Digital Health. This summit is to Empower, Impact and Improve Health Care.

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