Our Story

Having spent 25 years in the healthcare industry, working with the multilateral bodies and organisations across the United States of America, European Union, United Kingdom, Middle East & South-East Asia and the continuum of care, I realised that healthcare needs major transformation across governance, financing and delivery. This requires passionate professionals in healthcare to come together and drive this change bottom-up. Healthcare transformation needs to become a People’s movement. So, the Health Parliament

Parliament is a word that comes with a very high level of responsibility and responsiveness and is sacrosanct in the realm of policy making. My vision is that the Health Parliament will become the platform for brainstorming, debating and ideating the innovative health reforms which will lead to healthcare becoming outcome-driven, accessible and affordable. In the coming decade, the vision is that the influencers in health care across the private and public sector will come from the Health Parliament™. And we will be a major catalyst for healthcare transformation.

We understand that healthcare leadership is bottom line-driven and people generally don’t look at the larger canvas or the bigger picture for healthcare. Through Health Parliament™, we want to broaden the horizons of thinking for people and make them think of healthcare as an ecosystem and adopt a systems approach to solving the major challenges in healthcare.

Another initiative is the Digital Health Academy™, which eventually will become the world’s first digital health university. We believe that in the coming decades, Digital Health will cease to exist because digital will get incorporated in every aspect of healthcare delivery. It will not be a separate domain. But the challenge of digital adoption lies in the mismatch between technical maturity and organisational maturity. With technical maturity, I mean- there are umpteen technical solutions for every challenge healthcare faces, but the organisation (its people) are not capable of leveraging these technical solutions because they lack the necessary skills and hence, the organisation maturity is low. Through this academy & University, we wish to provide them courses in digital health to make sure that they have the level of competence to leverage the digital tools to their full potential.

These courses are unique in the sense that all the modules & chapters will be taken by professionals who are either involved in developing or delivering digital solutions. This sets us apart as a unique course in the world. Faculty are professionals who have been working in the area of digital health. So you will gain practical insights in using this knowledge gained in enhancing your skills and your competence in your profession and daily practice.

The third initiative – International Patients Union™. The entire healthcare system works for the patient, but the patient is nowhere in the picture because they’re not organized. Through the International Patients Union™, we wish to organize patients based on their medical condition, to make them a force before the industry and the policymakers so that the healthcare is user-centric and not provider-centric. It is not supplier-driven, it is user-driven. This will make healthcare affordable and outcome-driven.

At International Patients Union™ we wish to organize the patients, help them find solutions for their challenges, and work with the solution providers to facilitate the right solutions to manage their conditions and also help them enrol in clinical trials. We would like to make sure that the policies of a nation are vetted through these patient groups and their views are considered in drafting the policies.

Our Mission

Equip you with the latest knowledge, training, tools and a matchless platform to help
create an impact.

Our Vision

 Transforming healthcare through innovation, capacity building, community networks and
digital health solutions.

Our Team

Prof. Rajendra Pratap Gupta,


Policymaker, author & an industry veteran. Former Advisor to the Health Minister, Government of India & a key contributor to Digital Health initiatives across the globe.


Dr. Elliot Sloane,


Global Healthcare IT leader. Emeritus Co-Chair of IHE International Board.


Richard Alvarez,


Richard Alvarez is an internationally recognized leader in Canadian healthcare.
Former President and Chief Executive Officer of Canada Health Infoway, and the Canadian Institute of Health Information.


Prof. S. Yunkap Kwankam,


Current CEO of Global eHealth Consultants, a Geneva-based consultancy. He is also Executive Director, International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH). Former Chief, Telemedicine, World Health Organization (WHO).


Gunjan Sinha,


Is an internet pioneer and Co-Founder and President of WhoWhere? Inc., a leading Internet directory services company that was acquired by Lycos in 1998. Gunjan currently serves on the Board of Directors of several Silicon Valley companies.


Abhiroop Gandhi,


Chief Compliance Officer and Head of Strategic Risk Management at Verily (formerly called Google Life Sciences). He has over 15 years of experience in biopharmaceuticals, medical devices and digital health.


Brian O’ Connor, Chair,

ECH Alliance

Chairman of the European Connected Health Alliance, a not for profit organization which connects Governments, Industry, Research Institutes, Health Services, Patient Groups etc. through a Global Network of Ecosystems.


Ananta P. Sarma,


Former MD & CEO SIDBI Venture Capital Ltd and currently, Senior Advisor, IDBI Capital Markets & Security Ltd.


Rajendra Upadhyaya,


Worked across businesses and verticals, with special expertise in turnaround and startup operations. Former Vice President at TATA Teleservices.


Dr. Monika Lukasiewicz,


Practising clinician with an interest in global health, and the expanding frontier of digital health. Author of articles and books on female health. Public speaker in Poland and abroad. Practised and worked in France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Germany.


Ms. Mevish Vaishnav,

Policy, Operations & Strategy

Mevish is a senior professional in the healthcare industry, and serves on the boards of various healthcare organizations & government committees. Leads the Government Industry Dialogue and Currently a Vice President at a listed hospital chain in India. Mevish is also a freelance columnist and has delivered talks in India and abroad.


Vaibhav Gupta,


Global Health and International Development professional. Worked with WHO & World Bank. A former Official on Special Duty with the Union Minister of IT, Government of India.


Dr. Swati Ahluwalia

Dr. Swati is a clinician trained in public health and leads various initiatives at Health Parliament and Digital Health Academy. She is also on the action group on health data at Global Health Connector Partnership. She led the drafting of the first ever guidelines on body art piercing which were released in June 2021.


Adrian Phillips,

Legal & Compliance

Adrian has experience of about two decades in legal practice and is a revered name in the corporate and social sectors.


Pradip Modh,

Information Technology

An expert in web designing and hosting services


Krishna Chandra,

Advisor – Training & Certification

Is an expert in Healthcare IT implementation and training.


Dr. Sukhampreet Kaur,

Advisor, Clinical Content & Training

Healthcare innovation and quality consultant. A medical advisor with content development expertise


Dr. Himadri Bisht

Dr. Himadri is a passionate public health advocate and leads various initiatives at Health Parliament and Digital Health Academy. Served on the jury of Global Challenge Lab 2021 organised by Imperial Enterprise Lab & Tsinghua University and serves on the committee of women’s health guidelines at PGI-Chandigarh.


Dr. Rahul K. Garg


Rahul is a physician turned strategy consultant trained at IIM- Ahmedabad. He has advised global corporations on health, insurance, and technology.


Rajashree Menon


Health and life science industry professional with expertise in communications and engagement.


Dr. Archana Tapuria


Digital Health Consultant and Research Fellow at King’s College London with keen interest in clinical knowledge modelling for EHR systems, EHR standards, clinical ontology, and computable phenotyping.


Khushal Shah

Finance & Compliance

Professional with good standing in finance, compliance and Mergers & Acquisitions.


Pushkar Dua

Creative Lead

Pushkar Dua is a creative filmmaker. 5+ years of experience in marketing & video editing. Specializes in taking things from ideas to screens. Worked extensively in Education.